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FMA - Edward Elric by Tenshi-no-Hikari

Valentine’s Day

*bzzp**bzzp**bzzp* You slammed your hand onto your alarm clock and leaped out of your cosy covers. 

"Today is the day!" You quickly showered before allowing yourself to touch your new dress. As you slipped on the beautiful cloth, you heard Winry knock on your front door. You gracefully opened the door to reveal your how stunning you looked. 

"You look really good in that dress!" Winry eyed you for a moment as she took it all in. She then took you by the hand and dragged you back up to the room. She skillfully twisted and pulled at your hair until it was in the waterfall braid she had mentioned to you before. You slid into flesh-coloured stockings which allowed people to see your small tattoo of a simple transmutation circle on the side of your calf. You stepped into a pair of white flats which strapped nicely around your legs. You clipped on a pair of silver dangly earrings. The base of the earrings were cupid and down the delicate chain were variously sized hearts.

"How do I look?" You twirled for Winry and she just smiled at you. 

"Words cannot describe it." She quickly took her leave and bid you a good morning.
You quickly ate a nutella sandwich and cleaned your teeth. 'It would be really embarrassing if my breath smelled bad...' Just as you sat down on your bed, you heard a nervous call from Edward. 

"Uh-umm... _______, are you ready to go out?" You giggled a bit at how nervous he was even though you were probably just as nervous. You swung the door open, which startled Ed. He was wearing a sky blue shirt and white pants which matched your outfit perfectly. He fumbled as he handed you a bouquet of roses and a small box of chocolates. "F-for you!" He blushed a bright pink as you gave him a quick peck on the cheek and placed the roses in an empty vase. You put the chocolates in the fridge so they wouldn't melt then handed him a small box with a pink ribbon at the top. He pocketed the gift as he thanked you, and you intertwined your fingers with his. His face changed to a red much like the roses you just received.

"Shall we?" You smiled at him to the best of your ability without seeming nervous. He nodded then began to walk you to the mall. It was only a few blocks down so you didn't really mind. As you walked you noticed a few people from your school admiring the both of you.

"Y-you look good..." You barely heard Ed mumble something next to you.

"Pardon?" You turned to face him so that you could hear him better.

"I-I said that you look good today." Ed clearly embarrassed scratched his neck and continued to walk. You could feel the blood rushing up to your face.

"Thanks, you do too..." You replied aware that everyone around you were watching this scene.


You stood inline with Edward and looked at the different options. All of the movies on were romantic movies.

"Which one do you wanna see?" Edward looked at you, somewhat baffled by how many romance films there were. You looked around again and found one that caught your eye. 

"Umm, how about that one?" You pointed to the poster you saw.

"Huh... okay, sure. We'll watch that." Edward blushed as he read the title of the movie. 'High school romance'. You knew it would be a bit childish, because of the audience it was aimed at but you had heard that it was really good and ideal for couples.

You walked into the theatre in which the film would be running in and found your seats. As the movie started, Edward used the old school 'yawn and stretch' sequence so you snuggled up close to him. You listened to his speedy heartbeat and wondered if your heart was beating just as fast.


The movie was now finished and you found that the movie was actually a lot like you and Ed. The main characters were basically you two! Ed lead you to a nice Italian restaurant and you enjoyed a fantastic pasta dish and gelato. As you ate you found yourself looking into Edward's eyes more often than intended and ended up blushing whenever he would lock eyes with you. You both engaged in small talk, just so that it wouldn't be too awkward. 


"I had a really great time today Edward!" You held both of his hands as you stood in your doorway.

"So did I... and the movie wasn't half bad." Edward continued to stare at the ground, a pink tainting his beautiful skin. You decided to take this opportunity to take him by surprise. You released his hands and wrapped your arms around him. 

"Thank you for showing me such a good time today. I love you Ed~" You let go to see his face as red as a beetroot. 

"I'd better get going then. Y'know lot's of stuff to do!" He quickly kissed your cheek then dashed down your driveway and down the road. Just as he was running off you noticed a small pink envelope at your feet. You picked it up and read it:

Dear ______,

I really enjoyed spending time with you today. I'll probably chicken out and run away so I'm writing this while you're in the bathroom in the restaurant. You looked really gorgeous in your outfit today and I hope you like the chocolates. I made them myself- somehow. I had a peek at the present you gave me and it's wonderful. I didn't know you could use alchemy. I hope that we can do this again someday...

Love Edward 


"Phew that was soooo embarrassing! The cupid really looks good though..."

"Wait a minute, where'd the letter go..."

"Oh my god!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!"

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