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"Welcome all to Yordle Legends College! I am Headmistress Fiora and I look forward to viewing all of your potential. You will be sleeping in student dorms on either side of the school. Females are in the west dorms, males are in the east dorms. If you have any issues with your accommodation or anything else for that matter , feel free to speak to the student advisers Ezreal and Sona. They can be found in the staff dorms which is the south dorm. I would now like to invite our Headmaster Zilean to announce which section you will be in."
"Hello everyone, as Headmistress said before I am Headmaster Zilean and I shall be announcing which section you will be in for the duration of your education here. The two sections are the 'Keepers' and the 'Duelists'. Those that are within the Keepers section are under my surveillance while those in the Duelists section are under Headmistress Fiora's watchful eye. Duelists section is as follows:
Fizz, Poppy, Tristana, Teemo, Rumble, Ziggs and Amumu. Keepers section are Annie, Heimerdinger, Kennen, Veigar, Lulu and Corki. If I have missed anyone's name, come and see me after this ceremony. Thank you for your attention."
"Well, now that that is all done and dusted, pick up your timetables from the front office then head off to your break."
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  • Eating: Vanilla Ice-cream with apple and raspberry pie
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